The Good Place




As a representative of The Good Place, I got to explain the afterlife with Adam Scott. Swoon. 

Ray Donovan



Season 1 Episode 9


I play a secretary to Jonathan Schaech's character Sean Walker. Two scenes -- a phone conversation with Liev Schreiber and an office scene with Jonathan Schaech and Jon Voight.


Summer's End


Directed by David Lee

Running Time: 1:07 (clip) / 18:13 min (full-length)

Featured in the Downtown LA Film Fest 2013


I play an American-born Chinese woman in a summer fling with a Taiwanese exchange student who must choose between me and my brother on his last day in the US.

Romantically Speaking




I ask a relationship expert, played by Heather Morris, for insight into her own relationship.


Hart of Dixie



Season 4 Episode 5


While trying to enjoy my cross-country honeymoon, I develop mysterious red, itchy bumps and come to Dr. Hart for a diagnosis. 


My Crazy Ex




I get hoodwinked by my stoner boyfriend from college.


Commercial Clips


Assorted Commercial Clips


The First 100 Days of Mommyhood


Directed by Mike Hoy

Presented by BuzzFeed

Breastfeeding, diaper runs, and cuteness -- the first 100 days of being a new parent.


Silicon Valley




I worked as a flight attendant to Hawaii and gave Kumail Nanjiani a hard time.

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